Posted by Bev Slooten



We were inspired and amazed by Emma and Phil who delivered their job talks.
Emma is a sports nut and has attained regional and national status for netball and basketball.
Whilst playing netball for a Club in Newcastle on Tyne she was in a defence position, however, was shifted to the centre position because she was too short.
Her skill base was such that she accepted a scholarship, studied law and passed with flying colours. Brexit brought about the end of her time in the UK and returned to NZ.

Phil loves science, physics and maths and his enquiring mind has taken him to all corners of the world. He sees and creates challenges or opportunities and lives the dream whilst completing the given project. He also has a knack of being in the right place at the right time and will never forget the concert put on by the British Parliamentary Choir and Orchestra held in various halls of the Tower of London.  He now resides just out of Timaru and is enjoying a more peaceful life on the land.

We are very fortunate to have Emma and Phil as members of Timaru Rotary.
The Antarctic is a fascinating environment. I'm looking forward to hearing of Rose Forrester's adventures during her 13-month stay.

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