Posted by Bev Slooten


We welcomed some of the NRG Team of President-Elect Jess, Kirsten, and Kelsie who organised an evening of fun with a round of Bingo.
I was impressed with the little details of our Club history that accompanied each number called, for example, the year we Chartered the Ashburton and Timaru South Clubs, the number of years some of our members have belonged to this Club etc. Thank you for your efforts with this research.
Earlier we listened to TGHS Year 13 pupil,  Ella McFarlane deliver a speech titled ’Young People should be encouraged to take part in politics and voting.’ Some of the highlights were; in the 18-24 year age range only 30% voted believing that their vote does not make a difference, the most active voting demographic is those aged 70+, the lack of young voters could be that they are not taught about policymaking in schools, schools instruct on the democratic process and what an election means and that the structure of economic policies and their meaning are offered on an optional basis. Ella suggests that Economics be introduced in the junior curriculum coupled with the general knowledge of policymakin and fiscal management.
Ella was the only entrant for Area 1 for  District 9980 Speech Cup. The criteria for these speeches is that they may choose any topic however it has to elude to each category in the 4 Way Test.
Have a good week, look after yourselves and be strong.