Tuesday June 14th 2022

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The Club's Helping Hands project aims to

help overcome disadvantage,
help people who face challenges,
provide community facilities and
support worthy organisations.
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Thought for the week
The best way to predict the future is to create it. - Abraham Lincoln

Thanks to King Street Motors for carrying out a Warrant of Fitness inspection of the Hot Dog Caravan at no cost to the Club, and then carrying out some maintenance work, again at no cost to the Club.  What great support of our efforts for the community.
Members might like to return the favour by supporting King Street Motors; you'll find them at 143 King Street.

Thank You 
Major sponsor of the
Rotary Club of Timaru
Hot Dog Caravan
raising funds to support our community.
Birthdays & Anniversaries this month
Member Birthdays
Paul Dewsbery
June 7
Julie Dockrill
June 11
Keith Bartholomew
June 11
Hugh Perry
June 12
Ashley Milliken
June 15
Tony Henderson
June 19
Mike Parr
July 8
Robin Peterson
July 9
Roger Curr
July 14
Meg Parkin
July 17
Bruce Borrell
July 29
Chris Connor
Vivienne Connor
June 15
Join Date
John Barton
June 2, 1986
36 years
Bruce Wilson
June 6, 1967
55 years
Hugh Perry
June 9, 1998
24 years
Gilly Oppenheim
June 11, 2001
21 years
Reid Cowan
June 11, 1968
54 years
Chris Connor
June 15, 2021
1 year
Dick Johnston
June 15, 1986
36 years
Cheryl Rose
June 25, 2010
12 years
Margaret Perry
June 25, 2019
3 years
Ian Behrnes
July 5, 1982
40 years
Ellwyn Mackie
July 6, 1976
46 years
Bruce Borrell
July 13, 1999
23 years
Lee-Anne Johns
July 21, 2020
2 years
Bulletin Editor
Stephen Don
President Cheryl's Message.
Hi everyone
What a hilarious zoom meeting we had last Tuesday. Lots of ideas put forward for next year with lots of chatter and opinions. You will get a chance to comment and/or contribute to our club goal setting within your sub committees hopefully face to face soon. As covid reduces and we slowly increase our involvement in our community we will get back to what will be the new normality soon. Zoom has certainly had its place but not as good in the long term.
Next week’s speaker on zoom is Fiona Jackson from Presbyterian Support Services refugee settlement programme. It will be great to hear about their success and challenges in meeting the needs of refugees when they arrive in South Canterbury.
For those who weren’t on zoom last Tuesday, I made an announcement regarding the resignations and transfers of some members. Russell Findlay and Shaun Anderson have resigned to focus on their families and in Shaun’s case his heavy workload. Hugh and Margaret Perry have transferred to the Riccarton Rotary Club. We wish them all well.
Yours aye

This Weeks Meeting
Tuesday 14th June
Fiona Jackson - Speaking on "Family Works Refugees"
NOTE:- This will be a 'Zoom ONLY' meeting - Commencing at 6:30 pm - No meeting at TTCC.

Zoom Meeting Link For June.
You're invited to join our weekly tea meeting on Zoom on Tuesday 14th June 2022 at 6:30 pm for Timaru Rotary Club Meeting. This link will work for the next Zoom meetings.

To join the meeting click the following link from a PC, Mac Linux, iOS or Android computer/tablet/phone:


Joining Tea Meeting By Zoom - Audio & Video Instructions.
If you are joining our tea meetings by Zoom please read instructions on how to turn off your audio & video so it doesn't interfere with the rest of the participants.

Next Meeting
Tuesday 21st June
Second Part AGM - Cheryl Rose & Jenny Ensor.
NOTE:- This will not be a 'Zoom' meeting - it is a 'face-face' meeting at TTCC.
NOTE:- Starting this week (when we have tea meetings at TTCC the cost will be $20.00 - for a mains only meal).
Members are reminded to put in an apology for the meeting by noon on Monday (otherwise they are liable to be charged) - click on the following link to apologise:-

Timaru Rotary Changeover Night 28th June.

Meal $29.00 (pp)

Theme: Black Tie Dinner (However you want to wear it).

Tuesday 28 June at TTCC 5.30 pm

6.00 pm Welcome by President Cheryl, induction of 2 new members, Paul Harris presentation, Honorary members recognition

6.45 pm Main tea/coffee

7.15-30 pm Jess will present Presidential Chain to Cheryl

Wrap up 

This will be a partners night

Apologies to Lionel by 22 June please.

NOTE:- This will not be a 'Zoom' meeting - it is a 'face-face' meeting at TTCC.

Presentation of a Television & Stand By Charitable Trust to Alzheimer SC.
Last Tuesday Bev. Slooten (Chair) & Lynette Wilson on behalf of the Charitable Trust presented Alzheimer South Canterbury with a television & stand.
To view the photo larger (& a letter of thanks from Alheimer SC) click here....

Information Required.
Remember this is "your" bulletin and so please email information to me on what your committee is doing (or planning) so everyone can be aware of it.
Lack of the above will mean the bulletin is not advising the members of what is happening in the club & particapation will be down.

Hot Dog Caravan Upcoming Events
No upcoming events.
Click HERE to go to the online roster to fill in your name if you can help.
(If you have a problem doing this contact Jenny Ensor.)

Editors Humour.

My cousin always “borrows” money from her older brother's piggy bank, which drives him crazy. One day, she found the piggy in, of all places, the freezer. Inside was this note: “Dear sister, I hope you'll understand, but my capital has been frozen.”

After leaving the Army, Shaun applied for a hunting permit but was told he would first need to take a hunter’s safety course.
“I’m a veteran, trained in handling firearms,” Shaun said. “Why wouldn’t I get a waiver?”
The clerk replied, “Because we teach you not to shoot people.”
A doctor recently learned a valuable lesson regarding what not to say to patients.
At our large hospital, he watched as a nursing assistant pushed an elderly woman in a wheelchair. As he opened the door leading from the clinic into the hospital wing, the patient looked confused. “Where are we?” she asked. The nursing assistant gently explained, “We’ve gone over to the other side.”
When Mark interviewed for a job six months after his 70th birthday, he was asked his age. With nothing to hide, he replied, “I’m halfway to my 71st birthday.” The interviewer looked sceptical. “No offence,” he said, “but you look older than 35.”

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