Tuesday July 5th 2022

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The Club's Helping Hands project aims to

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provide community facilities and
support worthy organisations.
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Thought for the week
If you don’t like something change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it. Don’t complain. - Maya Angelou

Thanks to King Street Motors for carrying out a Warrant of Fitness inspection of the Hot Dog Caravan at no cost to the Club, and then carrying out some maintenance work, again at no cost to the Club.  What great support of our efforts for the community.
Members might like to return the favour by supporting King Street Motors; you'll find them at 143 King Street.

Thank You 
Major sponsor of the
Rotary Club of Timaru
Hot Dog Caravan
raising funds to support our community.
Birthdays & Anniversaries this month
Member Birthdays
Mike Parr
July 8
Ian Gray
July 9
Robin Peterson
July 9
Roger Curr
July 14
Meg Parkin
July 17
Bruce Borrell
July 29
Bev Slooten
August 9
Anne Carnie
August 10
Malcolm McDonald
August 27
Spouse Birthdays
Ian Gray
July 9
John Barton
Adrienne Barton
August 23
Join Date
Ian Behrnes
July 5, 1982
40 years
Ellwyn Mackie
July 6, 1976
46 years
Bruce Borrell
July 13, 1999
23 years
Lee-Anne Johns
July 21, 2020
2 years
Robin Peterson
August 5, 2014
8 years
Natasha Hammond
August 10, 2021
1 year
Robyn Baldwin QSM
August 10, 1999
23 years
Bulletin Editor
Stephen Don
President Cheryl's Message.
Hi everyone
You missed a great relaxed changeover dinner if you didn’t make it last week either in person or by zoom.  It was great to have our incoming Assistant Governor Alan Maitland as our guest and to welcome Gavin Craig and wife Debbie from the Timaru North Club.  Congratulations to our three new honorary members who between them have clocked up 134 years of service.  We wish Colin, Paul and Russell well in their retirement.
To view some photos of Changeover - Click here...
Also, congratulations to Colin Taylor who was awarded a sapphire Paul Harris pin.  Well deserved after exactly 52 years, 6 months and 12 days of service to our community through Rotary.  Unfortunately, Colin had caught a bug and couldn’t join us in person or via zoom.  We will make a special presentation to him when we can.
Next week, via zoom our guest speaker is Rhys Taylor (Timaru Eco-Centre) speaking on 'Eco Development'.  The week after, following discussions amongst the Board, we will be resuming face-to-face meetings as well as zoom.  Despite the small numbers attending in person, we have missed the interaction.  We are looking forward to getting back to full attendance by either means.
Yours aye

Next Meeting
Tuesday 12th July
Craig Chambers - Talking on "Changes Within The Fire Services.
NOTE:- This will be a face-face meeting at TTCC and a 'Zoom' meeting (Commencing at 6:30 pm).
Members are reminded to put in an apology for the meeting by noon on Monday (otherwise they are liable to be charged) - click on the following link to apologise:-

This Weeks Meeting
Tuesday 12th July
Craig Chambers - Talking on "Changes Within The Fire Services.
NOTE:- This will be a 'Zoom' meeting (Commencing at 6:30 pm) - as well as a 'face-face' meeting at TTCC.

Zoom Meeting Link For July.
You're invited to join our weekly tea meeting on Zoom on Tuesday 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th July 2022 at 6:30 pm for Timaru Rotary Club Meeting. This link will work for the next four Zoom meetings.

To join the meeting click the following link from a PC, Mac Linux, iOS or Android computer/tablet/phone:


Joining Tea Meeting By Zoom - Audio & Video Instructions.
If you are joining our tea meetings by Zoom please read instructions on how to turn off your audio & video so it doesn't interfere with the rest of the participants.

Roster Changes For This Year
Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has to date carried out duties that help to make each meeting run smoothly.
We have deleted the Chairperson role.  In addition to the set-up duties of both Host 1 and 2, Host 1 will greet guests and visitors and specifically host the guest speaker.  This will include introducing and thanking them.  If you find getting behind a mike a significant challenge let me know, and we will sort something else out.  Host 2 will continue, as last year, to provide the raffle prize.
To make sure we have enough skills to back up other club roles and spread the pressure, we are looking for shadows to train up for the Bulletin Editor and AV duties.  After a 3 month trial of shadowing the AV person, we are hoping to insert those trained into the roster.  Ideally, we would like everyone in the club to be on this roster.  At the moment we only have a couple of people doing this role which is very unfair to them.  It doesn’t demand high-level computer skills.
And Stephen, who has very ably been the Bulletin editor for a few years needs to train someone else up to cover and eventually replace him.  Again, one person doing this role is a big ask.  Ideally, a couple of members who take turn about on a monthly basis would spread the load.
Feel free to chat to myself or other members if you want clarification of the roles.

Welcome To New Members.
At Changeover, we inducted into our Club two new Rotarians, Cheryl Price and Ian Gray.  We look forward to their company and participation in our community events.
Welcome to the Rotary Club of Timaru
Cheryl Rose

Colin Taylor - Paul Harris Fellow - Sapphire.
At last Tuesday's Changeover Night Colin Taylor was awarded a 'Paul Harris Fellow Sapphire' pin for all the contributions he has made in his 52+ years as a member of the Rotary Club of Timaru.
To view a short history of Colin Taylor in Rotary - click here...
To view a larger photo of 1985/86 President Roy Evans presenting Colin with the Presidential Chain at the 1986/87 Changeover Night & and an article that was in the Timaru Herald on 3rd April 1987 about the establishment of the Eric Hall Trust Click Here...

Eric Hall Trust Recent Donations.
The Eric Hall Trust has recently given the following two donations: 
  • $500 to the He Manu Hau Trust which runs the Maori Kaupapa centre to the north of Timaru. This donation was to help pay for a bus to give their tamariki the opportunity to experience 'snow'. Many of these families have solo parents and grandparents caring for their mokopuna making whanau help a challenge.
  • $138.78 to a young woman undergoing cancer treatment.  She wants to continue her nursing training for the pre-entry Applied Health Science course at the Southern Institute of Technology and she requires a textbook to be able to continue her course. She obviously has a reduced capacity to work and therefore subsequent financial constraints which made purchasing the necessary textbook challenging for her.

2023 Milton Rotary Tramping Club Season.
Information has been received that bookings for the 2023 Milton Rotary Tramping Club season open on Monday 6th July at 9 am.
For more information Click here...
To view their website Click here...

Information Required.
Remember this is "your" bulletin and so please email information to me on what your committee is doing (or planning) so everyone can be aware of it.
Lack of the above will mean the bulletin is not advising the members of what is happening in the club & particapation will be down.

Hot Dog Caravan Upcoming Events
No upcoming events.
Click HERE to go to the online roster to fill in your name if you can help.
(If you have a problem doing this contact Jenny Ensor.)

Editors Humour.

A mother got a call from her son’s kindergarten teacher. When he’d gone in to check on Little James in the bathroom, he noticed the boy was using a urinal. “That’s odd,” the mother said. “We never taught him how to use a urinal.” “I could tell,” said the teacher. “He was sitting in it.”

When Andrews's lifelong-bachelor uncle turned 78, he travelled around the country to visit a dozen or so old girlfriends. “How’d it go?” Andrew asked when he returned. “Thank God I never married any of them,” he said. “They’re all widows.”
A customer’s request to the local store in his vacation town: “I would like to reserve a 'New Zealand Herald', 'Timaru Herald', and an 'Otago Daily Times for every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from June 22 till Labor Day. However, we will be in Greece from July 1 to July 8. My son may or may not pick up the papers then, we don’t know. We will be in Spain for two weeks in August. Not sure which two, though. We’ll try to let you know. Oh, and we don’t need the 'Timaru Herald' on any Mondays in July, except the 8th of July.” The store’s response: “Effective July … we will no longer be reserving newspapers.”
Two women came to a photo studio to have their portraits taken. The very young and very naïve assistant asked, “Are you two sisters?” “No,” said one of the women. “We’re partners.” “Ohhhh …,” said my assistant. “So how long have you ladies been cops?”

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