Club members are asked to make a donation to the Rotary Foundation each year on their birthday. The amount of the donation (if any) is entirely up to members; as a guideline, many members donate the equivalent of $1 per week - $50 for the year.
Please deposit your birthday donation to the Rotary Foundation in the Charitable Trust bank account
Account number    03-0887-0241664-000
Particulars:              Birthday donation
Reference:               Your name
Alternatively you can put your donation in an envelope marked with your name and "Birthday Donation", and hand it to our treasurer.


When doing Host Duties (i.e. Duty Roster), please remember that you set tables, raffles etc up for the night.
Then at the end of the meeting you need to pack up again and return table numbers etc. into the box and put away.
The large sign outside door must also be packed away (this part isn't always been done). 
It then falls to those leaving last.  Click HERE for a full list of host duties


For this Rotary year, President Hugh would like members to take turns at providing the raffle prize (no alcohol please), either by buying a prize to the value of $10 to $15 (keep the receipt and ask Treasurer Jenny for reimbursement using the claims form click here...) or maybe you have a suitable prize you'd like to donate.
To make it simple to keep track of whose turn it is, the person on Host Duty 2 will be asked to provide the raffle prize for the week.
When it's your turn to provide the prize:
  • Please put the prize on the Host table no later than 5:30 pm.
  • Make sure there's a raffle sheet (from the host bin) and a pen on the table.
  • If you are unable to attend Rotary, and you are unable to find someone to swap, please contact Robyn Baldwin so she can arrange cover for the night.


Also, the club uses the email address for the public to contact us with enquiries.