During our 2022 Christmas Dinner, the club honored Jess Hewitson and Jenny Ensor with Paul Harris Fellows.  President Cheryl Surprised them both with the awards and below is a short summary of their efforts.
Jess Hewitson PHF
Jess commenced her journey with Rotary in 2002 as an exchange student in Switzerland.  She joined Rotary in 2016.  From 2016 to 2019 she was a part of the Next Rotary Generation (NRG) team (a part of our Timaru club), aimed at involving the younger members of our community with some of our projects.
In company with another member Tony,  Jess traveled to Cambodia and Thailand to participate in a fundraising street race and stayed to rebuild a laundry/bathroom area at the Rescue Mission For Children in Northern Thailand.  They also gave gifts to the children and supplies for the local school.
In 2019 Jess became President-Elect of this club, then President in 2020, and Immediate Past President from 2021 to 2023 (two years). When President, she was one of the youngest in the country and the youngest in our club's history.   As such, she was invited to Wellington Rotary Club to speak on her views of Rotary and how we can improve and change.
She puts in hours of volunteer time each week coordinating our hot dog van which as a result is our main income generator by a significant amount.  We couldn’t donate back to the community as much as we do without Jess’s commitment. Also this year, she's planted trees, organised our club's Christmas Angels delivery, chopped wood, co-coordinated apple picking, and participated in Toot for Tucker.  She is the admin of our club's Facebook page and contributes regularly to the website. We’ve probably missed some as she helps with almost all club projects.
Jenny Ensor PHF
Jenny has been a member of our club since March 2014.  Of most significance over this time is her time as Treasurer from 2020 to 2023.  She has been instrumental in ensuring our books are compliant and in line with Charitable Trust Rules.  Before that, she was a Board director for two years and a member of the Charitable Trust for two years.  Her knowledge and input have been invaluable over her tenure.   She’s been an active member of our Youth Committee, being involved in the selection of candidates for Outward Bound, RYLA, Science Fair, and the like. 
The hot dog van could not operate without a Council required food safety plan.  Jenny has spent hours of voluntary time developing a necessarily complex plan, including liaison with Council.  She currently has primary responsibility for maintaining it.  Jenny puts in hours of time working in the van and along with her husband is one of the main transporters of the van to local events.
This is another person willing to pitch in with most projects and activities, planting trees, toot for tucker, RYDA, hot dog van, cycling, and tramping groups.  Also assisted the NRG team with some of their projects, which was greatly appreciated.  Jenny’s always willing to put her hand up and volunteer for whatever needs doing.   Please take it as a given that she’s involved in almost everything we do as a club.
We are lucky to have both ladies in our club and we are sure they will continue with their 'service above self' dedication.